Garden City Fire Department Receives $11,269 Grant


New Equipment Purchases Will Strengthen Rescue Efforts

Trustees recognize the consistent hard work and efforts of the Garden City Fire Department. Thanks to an $11,269 grant awarded by Garden City-based The Signature Group of Companies and the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, the Garden City Fire Department will be able to purchase new equipment to strengthen its rescue efforts. As part of a nationwide philanthropic cause, founders of the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company designed the grant to provide needed equipment, training and educational tools to local fire departments.

Since 2004, the Fireman’s Fund, a large property and casualty insurance company, has issued grants through its Heritage Program, a nationwide charity in which employees of the Fireman’s Fund can nominate candidates to be recipients for aid. Over 1,100 different departments totaling more than $22 million have received aid. The Signature Group can then direct these grants to support local causes. The Signature Group of Companies of Garden City helps clients find the appropriate balance of risk versus cost for their business or personal insurance. They also create benefit packages that help retain employees and reduce overall costs.The fire department will purchase six new portable two-way radios and chargers to improve their communication with neighboring departments during mutual aid calls. The grant also allotted funds for the purchase of an elevator key set and four new multi-gas detectors. Responding units will use these new-generation gas detection devices to measure dangerous levels of combustible gas, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. “Portable radios have become a vital part of firefighting and they are our lifeline,” Garden City Deputy Fire Chief Bill Castoro said. “The radios will enhance our response times to emergency scenes, which is critical when every second counts. The meters will allow us to quickly detect toxic gases in defined environments.”Garden City trustees agreed that during this particularly difficult economic climate, when many companies and individuals are being asked to do more with less, Garden City is very lucky to receive this funding. “We’re proud to be able to support our local fire department, particularly in these challenging times,” Phylis Fisher Buchwald of The Signature Group of Companies said. “Although often overlooked, it’s vital that firefighters have the tools to do their job efficiently.”


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