Homestead Students Celebrate National Run Day


On June 3, students and staff at Homestead School celebrated the value of running as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. This first-time initiative was centered on the idea that running is for everyone!

Prior to National Run Day, students learned how to warm-up and stretch properly before hitting the “track.” Homestead created an outdoor track for students and faculty to experience the joy of walking, jogging or running during recess. All who participated received a handmade recognition award from Mrs. Michon and Ms. Jenkins. Principal Dr. Suzanne Viscovich and the school’s lunch monitors also joined in the fun.

After their running experience, participants expressed feeling better about themselves. The students associated running with other activities that they enjoyed doing, taking care of their bodies, socializing and supporting one another. They also found they could challenge themselves and enjoy it! Those new to the sport were educated about running and its effectiveness in counteracting some of today’s most pressing health problems and, for those participants who already run, National Run Day acknowledged their healthy exercise regimen.

The word is out – being physically active can be a fun and an exciting way leading to a healthier, happier life!

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