Letter: Pelosi’s Puppet


When I vote, I expect that person to represent me, and her district, not San Francisco or a Socialist agenda! Reviewing her record, I doubt very much Rep. McCarthy represents the views of her constituents! Having held no public “Town Hall” meetings with McCarthy, how shall we know? Given her voting record, let’s call her “Pelosi’s Puppet!”

In lieu of any public meetings with her electors, perhaps Representative McCarthy could supply her constituents with answers to the following through her ‘franking’ privileges: Did you fully read the “Stimu-less” bill before casting your vote? You voted for it! Did you fully read the “Cap & Tax” bill before casting your vote? You voted for it! (The Democrats in Nassau enacted their 3.5 percent energy tax.) Did you fully read the “Obamacare” bill before casting your vote? You voted for it!

I sent McCarthy’s office an earlier email asking if she had. I got no response. Maybe you, especially her supporters, could contact her office (739-3008) and see if she read the bills before voting on them. I doubt it!

Where does one begin to justify the attempt by the Democrats to gain control of one-sixth of our economy by the government? Government failures include the Post Office, Amtrak, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, TARP and ‘Cars for Clunkers’ to name a few, all domestic. Let’s throw the United Nations as an easy foreign failure, at least to the majority of Americans! One could go on and on and on…Yet, we should trust them with our health care?

Under all the proposals I’ve seen, “enforcement” (read taxation) begins immediately 2010, but the “benefits” only start in 2013 (when you decimate Medicare), after the 2012 elections. How convenient for your election effort! It improves their farcical budget-balancing charade.

If the health care improvements are so important, why won’t you support their imposition in 2010?  Do you fear constituent retaliation when they realize what you support?

Under all the proposals, the government is exempt, the executive, legislative (that’s you) and judicial branches. Will you support legislation requiring all branches of the government live under the “minimum” legislative requirements you expect of those required to pay? No government exemptions from their legislative tyranny!

I, and your overburdened, freedom loving, taxpaying constituents, await your response, if Nancy lets you.

A Disgusted 4th Congressional District Voter,

Thomas P. Brosnan


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