Letter: ‘Let’s Do Our Part’


It is not a secret that the state of the national, state and local economy is not very pretty right now. While we have complete confidence that we will survive this pothole, we also know it isn’t going to be easy.

During these difficult times we need to come together… shop together… and work together to ensure that our village remains the best location on Long Island in which to live, work and shop.

You can assist with this effort by spending your grocery, clothing, dining and services dollars right here in our village. When you shop and dine here, you directly contribute to the village’s continued success.  

Garden City is blessed with a terrific assortment of retailers and retail services – and most are locally owned and/or managed. These are the merchants that contribute to our Scouts, sports leagues, civic organizations, charitable firms, religious groups and other worthy associations all year around.

A recent poll of local merchants revealed that they individually contribute more than $5,000 per year to local events and organizations.

Garden City merchants have come together and invested in a strong promotional program and advertising campaign to encourage village residents and those in neighboring areas to shop and dine in our village. These ads have appeared in Newsday, Garden City News, Garden City Life, and all of the other Anton and Litmor publications in Nassau County. We hope you will agree that they reflect our Garden City Style… where we take hospitality seriously.

During the coming year, we plan a variety of promotional efforts, including special values, coupons and events to encourage shopping right here in our village.

Currently, your local merchants are sponsoring a holiday drawing with a variety of great prizes for Garden City shoppers who take a minute to fill out an entry blank at participating stores. You will see the bright entry form boxes throughout the village, or you can access an entry form at www.GardenCityShopping.com.

Let’s all do our part to keep Garden City a great place to live, work… and shop.

Roger Eltringham

President, Garden City Chamber of Commerce

John Wilton

Chairman, Garden City Merchants Group Committee


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