Mayor’s Report: December 18, 2009

Happy Chanukah

The Village Board of Trustees and I extend to residents of the village a Happy Chanukah.

Congratulations to the Garden City High School Football Team

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to offer congratulations to the Garden City High School Football Team for ranking No. 1 in New York Newsday’s final large-schools poll with a 12-0 record and a Long Island Class II championship. Garden City also received the “Rutgers Cup” for the outstanding Nassau County football team of 2009. We are proud of the whole team and I would also like to congratulate senior Connor Horl who won the prestigious 2009 Martone Award as the outstanding lineman in Nassau County.

Holiday Safety

Decorating, both indoor and outdoor, can be exciting. Here are some safety tips that can help keep your holiday safe.

General Safety Tips:

-Do not place candles on or near any decorative vegetation or trees.

-Always use candles in holders that are sturdy and adequately collect dripping wax.

-Ensure that your family and people that are staying for the holidays know your home fire escape plan.

-Have your chimney cleaned and inspected before use for the season.

-Check all of your smoke alarms.

-Watch for overloading of electrical circuits. Use listed power distribution blocks or strips with automatic circuit protection when overloaded or overheated.

Tree Safety Tips:

-Choose a tree that is not dry and is not dropping needles.

-Use a stand that can adequately hold up the tree. Before placing the tree in the stand cut at least one-half inch of the stem off to give a fresh surface for the water to be in contact with.

-Proper placement of the tree in water and ongoing maintenance will make the tree safe and last throughout the holiday season. Ensure that the tree stem is covered by at least 2 inches of water at all times and check the level at least daily.

-If needles or leaves fall off the tree readily when shaken or if the needles break when pinched, the tree is too dry for indoor use and should be removed.

-Trees should be a distance, at least equal to the height of the tree, away from open flames and sources of ignition. This includes heaters and fireplaces.

-The location of the tree should not be in the way of doors, windows or in paths used for exiting.

-Check to ensure that any decorative lighting that is used is “listed”, such as the “UL” label, and that the lighting is for “indoor” use. Do not place lights on metal trees.

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule

The next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting is Thursday, Dec. 17.

Shop in Garden City First

Residents in the Village of Garden City are very fortunate in having a vital business community comprised of merchants who are committed to serve us from their shops along Franklin Avenue, Seventh Street and New Hyde Park Road. I urge each of you to continue to patronize these local businesses during the holiday and throughout the year. Our business community wants to know how they are doing, so take a minute the next time you are shopping and let them know what you think about the quality of their products and their attention to customer service.

For quality, selection and outstanding customer service, shop Garden City first!

Village’s Website

I encourage residents to periodically utilize the Village’s website for information regarding the Village’s operations, as well as items of seasonal and special interest. The address is For your convenience, listed on the Village’s home page under the Heading of the Administration page is information under the sub-heading “Business Office” with regard to regulations and required permits.

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