Waldorf School Book Drive


The small oceanside city of Long Beach has been steadily recovering since Hurricane Sandy smashed into this south shore Long Island community on Oct. 29. In the Long Beach School District alone, hundreds of thousands of book were lost and destroyed due to the storm. Enter the Waldorf School’s Parent Association and PA Co-Chair Nina Justman-Wozniak who wanted to help as well as engage the entire Waldorf school community at the same time.

“This was a terrible thing and I wanted to find a way for our children to help our neighbors in a meaningful way,” said Justman-Wozniak. “Many of our children have old books that are no longer read and I had a friend who told me that the Long Beach schools needed books.”

So for a week, families at Garden City’s Waldorf School collected over 1,000 books and donated them to the Long Beach Public School District. “We asked our families to donate their gently used children’s books that were suitable for children ages 5-18 years of age,” said Justman-Wozniak.

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