Garden City Public Schools Behind-the-Scenes: Employee Spotlight


Each month the district honors valued employees whose exemplary efforts improve the quality of our children’s educational experience in Garden City Public Schools.

This month’s “Employee Spotlight” focuses on Stratford’s custodian, Kevin Bauman. “In every school building, there are people working behind the scenes to make the school a wonderful place,” commented Stratford principal Eileen Vota. “At Stratford, we celebrate Kevin Bauman, one of our custodians. Kevin is not just our custodian, but assists within the district whenever he is called upon. For example, he is the district’s main painter, moving from building to building as needed. This year, he has assisted with all the timely construction matters, and filled in for other custodians, too. He has a keen eye for detail and takes great pride in his work.” 

Fifth-grade teacher Michelle Ciquera noted, “Kevin goes above and beyond just maintaining the school building. He truly cares for the faculty and will do anything to bring a smile to a colleague’s face.”

“Kevin Bauman is a friendly, conscientious custodian who does an excellent job taking care of the classroom,” said fifth-grade teacher Marge DiMartino. “He is very responsible and attentive to the needs of teachers. He always ensures that the classroom is cleaned thoroughly. It’s a pleasure to work with him.”

“Kevin is cordial and friendly toward everyone he meets,” commented math specialist Jacqueline Guerra. “There is always a kind word from him and great sense of humor.”  

Vota concluded, “Kevin is among one of Stratford’s hidden gems and I thank him for all his hard work and dedication.”

Garden City Public Schools extends its warmest congratulations to Mr. Kevin Bauman’s well-deserved nomination for Stratford Avenue School’s Behind-the-Scenes: Employee Spotlight!

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