Letter: They Don’t Get It


Did you read Trustee Silver’s “unofficial” official statement that ran in last week’s issue of Garden City Life? He is the chair of the board’s legal committee.

Let’s start with his second point. Trustee Silver said that the board has heard the concerns expressed regarding the sale. He further stated that the board disagrees with how its motives and actions have been characterized. Instead, why not say, “The board has heard your criticism and admits that the board made a mistake.” How hard is that?

Moving on, Trustee Silver said that the mayor, the board’s legal committee and village counsel are working to develop procedures to provide notice for “vigorous public debate.” Instead, why not say, “The board will comply with the Open Meetings Law and place on its agenda the proposed sale of village property so the public may be heard before any decision is reached.” Do we need a committee of lawyers to figure that out over the next several weeks?

Back to his first point. Trustee Silver said that the village has reached out to the purchasers to find a solution to address the concerns that have been raised. He further stated that the “purchasers are sensitive to those concerns” and that “all options are on the table to find an appropriate solution.” Instead, why not say, “The board and the purchasers agree that it was a mistake to sell them the property and allow them to build a fence which excluded their neighbors.”  There is only one option, take the property back by enforcing the covenant in the deed.  

What will that cost?  We may find out at the next board meeting.

Last question. Who is accountable for this waste of taxpayers’ money?

Thomas M. Lamberti

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