Editorial: Start Of A New Era


Ever since Alexander Turney Stewart founded Garden City in 1869, the village has always been rich in history. Along the way, there have been stewards who’ve chronicled events and people and who include Mildred H. Smith, Mrs. Lynde W. Tucker, Courtney R. Hall, Vincent Seyfried, John Ellis Kordes and most recently, Suzie Alvey, who was appointed to this position in 2013. The announcement was recently made that archivist William Bellmer will be ascending to the position of Garden City Historian with Alvey staying on as assistant village historian. The duo will have their hands full, helping plan a permanent mini museum within the Garden City Public Library while Alvey will be collaborating with the British Broadcast Corporation  in the Garden City segment of its Great American Railway Journeys series. Both will continue to guide those interested in delving into Garden City’s past via appointments to peruse existing archives kept in the Stewart Room in the rear of the library. Or to gladly add items to the existing collection that might be donated. Given how much of a fixture Bellmer has been and will continue to be at Garden City Board of Trustees meetings, and the fact that Alvey will continue to be an active participant in the village’s cultural matters, Garden City Life wishes to congratulate both on their efforts to ride herd as Garden City’s history continues to unfold.

—Dave Gil de Rubio

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