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NYC Hearing Associates expands to Garden City

NYC Hearing Associates (NYCHA) has expanded their practice to Long Island, opening a new location in Garden City at 229 Seventh St. The practice specializes in the preservation and treatment of hearing and has been serving the greater New York area for the past 10 years. The hallmark of their practice is providing comprehensive care for each person and family by assessing listening environments, understanding needs and individual goals. This new office augments three Manhattan offices currently available for patients.

Founded by audiologists Dr. Jessica M. Frankel, Dr. Shelley A. Borgia and Patient Care Coordinator Kristina Vasquez, NYCHA brings cutting edge and personalized hearing technology to Garden City.

“Our mission is to provide a boutique medical experience centered on the ‘whole person’ with personalized care, longer visits and, when possible, same-day appointments,” said Frankel.

NYCHA treats patients from children to senior citizens providing state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment along with cutting edge hearing device technology. According to Frankel their advanced diagnostic equipment can map patient’s hearing sensitivity even in challenging situations such as busy restaurants or walking down the street.

Experts in their field, NYCHA was featured on the Today Show, where Dr. Borgia, also on the board of Web M.D., tested Matt Lauer’s hearing in a segment focused on the alarming spike in hearing loss among younger Americans. The feature revealed that excessive noise, not aging, is now the number one cause of hearing loss. Among the 30 million Americans who suffer from hearing loss, half are now under the age of 65.

NYCHA also specializes in extended wear hearing aids that produce a natural sound quality and can be worn up to three months. These devices are invisible and patients can sleep and shower with them. Dr. Borgia demonstrated the ease of this groundbreaking device on the Dr. Oz Show. The device is placed inside the patient’s ear canal, a vast improvement from older bulky devices.

The practice also creates custom in-ear monitors that provide world class sound quality with hearing protection, music ear plugs featuring speech and music filters for improved listening, customized musician devices and ear plugs.

“Whether you need to improve or protect your hearing or enhance your appreciation of music, our personalized treatment process will accommodate your needs.” said Frankel.

Though there is no cure for hearing loss and it is irreversible, there are many ways to slow down the process. Dr. Frankel recommends baseline testing at 50 years old.

“There have been many new developments in this field; you don’t have to live with issues such as ringing in the ear,” added Frankel. “Hearing truly affects a patient’s quality of life, impacting communication, relationships and engagement with the outside world. We look forward to serving the Long Island Community.”

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