Digging In The Dirt For Neighborhood Parks

Tullamore Park
Tullamore Park

The Garden City Department of Recreation and Parks Strategic Plan, a 54-page document brimming with important steps to address aging inventory, not only focuses on Community Park and the St. Paul’s Recreation Complex, but the village’s five neighborhood parks and Stewart Field as well.
Although all of the neighborhood parks are very busy during the summer, on an annualized basis Grove and Nassau Haven Parks are utilized slightly more because they contain soccer fields in addition to the typical Little League field, playground and courts, according to Kevin Ocker, chairman of the board of cultural and recreational affairs.
Field playing surfaces are in need of upgrade, mainly due to lack of good irrigation systems.
“Our park renovations as outlined in the Strategic Plan will occur in sequence based upon existing conditions,” Ocker said.

Nassau Haven
Nassau Haven

Hemlock Park’s existing irrigation on the ball field will be replaced in 2016-17. Renovation of the baseball field, including new safety fencing, renovation of the comfort station and replacement of the heating plant will follow.
At Nassau Haven, the baseball infield will be renovated in 2016-17, as well as new irrigation installed on the baseball and soccer fields. Safety fencing will also be replaced. Future improvements include renovation of the comfort station and replacement of the heating system.
Irrigation and safety fencing will also be installed at Edgemere Park and the baseball field renovated in 2016-17. Renovation of the comfort station and replacement of the heating plant will occur the following year.

Grove Park will receive new playground apparatus and safety surfacing in 2016-17, as well as new irrigation and safety fencing for the baseball/softball and soccer fields. The interior of the comfort station will be renovated the following year.
Tullamore Park will also receive a new irrigation system in 2016-17. A new shade structure will be erected the following year and a full renovation of the comfort station will follow in 2018-20.

Stewart Field
Stewart Field

In the East, Stewart Field will see improvements to the infield of its fenced, 60-foot baseball field. Dugouts will be reconditioned and a new irrigation system installed in the football field, Field 1 and Field 2 and the fenced Little League field.
Revenue enhancements from programs, field rentals and intramural participation fees will help fund these needed improvements.
“With the addition of new irrigation systems in all of our neighborhood parks and Stewart Fields, our athletic field playing conditions will be greatly improved,” Ocker said.

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