Mayor of Garden City: Nicholas P. Episcopia


LIRR Train Accident

I visited the scene of the train derailment on Saturday evening and I would like to thank the emergency services personnel which included the Garden City Police and fire departments who came to the aid of the LIRR accident. There were also ambulances and responders from other villages within Nassau County. I was able to witness first hand that evening, the prime example of mutual aid and that we should be proud of our firefighters and police officers and thankful to the many other volunteers who were on the scene that evening.

Village Website

I would like to urge residents, businesses and visitors to view the village website,, to keep up to date with happenings within the village. The village makes every effort to put important information on the website so that people can be aware of both activities and issues. Another way to stay informed is to sign up for village e-mail alerts. You can do so by going to the village’s website “home page” and beneath the calendar you can sign up for email alerts. The alerts are typically sent out on a Friday, but can be sent out any time that the Village needs to communicate to the public. Please take the time to sign up for this important service that the village has to offer.

Drive With Care—In All School Zones

All motorists are reminded that although there are speed cameras located on Rockaway Avenue by the high school, it is imperative that you take extra caution and drive slowly in all the school zones, not only in Garden City, but everywhere.

Please drive carefully and pay particular attention when driving in the area of recommended pedestrian routes, bus stops and schoolyards. This will not be any different than prior years in that a few preoccupied young people will inevitably dart out from in between parked cars or fail to look for oncoming traffic when crossing the street.

Please drive slowly. While the police and crossing guards are on duty at school crossing zones, many children will be crossing at unprotected areas. Parents are urged to discuss safe practices with their children and to remind them that it is very difficult for passing motorists to see them and affect a safe stop.


Board Of Trustees Meeting Schedule

Dates for the next regular board meetings are Thursday, Nov. 3, at 8 p.m. These meetings are held in the boardroom at village hall. I hope that you will be able to attend these meetings so that you can become involved with your village.


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