Cell Tower Intrusions


We applaud Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino for publicly stating his opposition of RF radiation-emitting cellphone equipment (antennas/repeaters) in Oyster Bay residential neighborhoods. As recently reported last week in local print media and on multiple television news stations, Saladino heard the voices of his Woodbury residents who came home from work finding new 30-foot tall wooden utility poles placed in public right-of-ways in front of their homes. Cell equipment boxes and repeaters/antennas had already been installed on the new poles. Just as outraged as the residents of Garden City were in 2010 and again in 2016, so were the residents of Woodbury last week. As stated on CBS News by Woodbury resident, Dr. David Burg, “You couldn’t give me $10 million for this, OK?” “There are potential health risks to these. They are aesthetically not pleasing. There’s also the devaluation of our home.”

Dr. Burg’s story is our story, except in Garden City, the radiation-emitting antennas were placed and hidden on private backyard property in residential areas with emissions affecting many homes, playgrounds,and schools within 500 plus feet of each cell antenna, emitting radiation 24/7. Although in 2010, the Garden City mayor and trustees at that time were involved in knowing the privately owned homes, lands and areas that would be affected by cell antenna equipment, the village never included the homeowners in the revelation that moving forward, the residents in the area of newly planted cell antennas would be exposed to continuous radiation. The residents of Garden City don’t need more exposure to possible carcinogens.

Saladino speaking in strong support of his residents stated in a recent newspaper interview that the antennas should not be placed in residential neighborhoods and that the FCC should study the health effects of antennas. He will demand that Crown Castle, the telecommunications company who installed the poles and equipment in Woodbury, remove all cell equipment. Saladino stated “We will make sure our voice is heard as we stand in lockstep with our residents to protect their rights and our communities.” On News 12, Saladino said he’s rescinded current cell tower construction permits. “It’s outrageous that our residents have to put up with this,” he said. Crown Castle sent a statement to News 12 regarding the Woodbury cell antenna situation stating that it will work with the Town of Oyster Bay in regards to pole locations. ABC News reports that “Crown Castle says it is committed to working with local officials on placement. Hundreds have already been relocated.” CBS News reported from the scene at Woodbury, “Long Island residents have vowed to fight back.”

Crown Castle currently owns cell antenna equipment and infrastructure throughout Garden City residential areas. RF radiation emissions according to the World Health Organization are now categorized as a recognized possible carcinogen. RF radiation emissions issue is real and frightening. Saladino’s response to Woodbury’s radiation crisis is spot on.

Permission to go on private properties wasn’t given by Garden City home homeowners seven years ago. It also was never given last year in 2016, when Crown Castle tried to perform their more powerful upgrades of cell antennas and equipment in the three backyard locations in the eastern section of Garden City. We insist that the current cell phone antennas and equipment be moved to more appropriate commercial locations and away from our homes, schools and playgrounds now. This needs to be the village’s focus and priority this year. We can’t afford or wait for another year to go by living like this in our community.

Our committee has repeatedly asked several past mayors and village trustees to please open negotiations with Crown Castle to remove and relocate the current cell antennas to more appropriate locations outside of residential home areas in Garden City. We now have new leadership in Garden City. Mayor Daughney, board of trustees, and Mr. Suozzi, we ask that Garden City follow the lead of other community leaders and outwardly oppose cell antennas in residential areas and demand these antennas that have been affecting so many people since 2010 be swiftly removed. We ask that the village, along with the residents, work with village attorney Peter Bee and any other necessary law firms, along with our government leaders to finally, after seven long, health compromising years, to get the job done. Our appeal is fair and reasonable. Please join us in getting back a safe community for our children.

—Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Thorne,
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Timmins,
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rydzewski,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leone,
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Demarco,
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Cadavid,
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ruhlman
and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cabarrubia

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