Girls Fencing Team Beats Cold Spring Harbor

Foil Christina Marciano (right)doing battle on the strip with her opponent.
By Trish Lynch

The Girls Fencing team wrapped up 2017 on an up note when they beat Cold Spring Harbor High School at their last meet of the year that was held at Garden City High School. The Epees and Sabres helped their team amass points, as the Foils were up against some tough opponents. Epee Emma Van Dyke set the tone with a 5-0 score in her first bout against her opponent. Epee Captain Mary Foxen and Epee Gianna Buckley both won their bouts to cheers from their team. Sabres Kayla Quinn and Alex Michael and Sabre Captain Brianne Etienne, all won their first bouts. Foils Zoe Heath and Rosie Lynch faced tough first bouts, but won their second, and Captain Tia Petrides won both bouts.

With the win secured, the final bouts were given to the rookies to get some Fencing bout time in; Foils Julia Cowie and Christina Marciano, Epee Mariyam Shami and Linnie Kiely fenced admirably while they were cheered by their teammates. The teammates are very supportive of each other and saw the importance of training new members. They also value the lessons learned on and off the strip. Brianne Etienne, Sabre Captain and senior, said, “Fencing has been a great new opportunity for me, by making new friends, experiencing something new, unique and out of my comfort zone, shaping me to be the young woman I am today.”

The next home meet is on Jan. 11.

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