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Garden City resident brings fun fitness to Long Island

Bounce Boot Camp uses inflatables and obstacle courses to make exercising enjoyable for kids.

Finding a way to make exercise fun at any age can be quite the challenging task, especially when it feels like training camp for those who are not interested in movement. Enter, Bounce Boot Camp.

Founded in Arizona by former NFL player, Thomas Hill, Bounce Boot Camp is a fitness initiative focused on educating youth to be active through the use of various activities and inflatable equipment. Garden City resident Bobby Roddini recently introduced Bounce Boot Camp to the tri-state area. With plenty of experience under his belt as a coach, athlete and father, Roddini has made it his goal to make exercise a fun and enjoyable experience while teaching children the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

“I saw it on Shark Tank and thought it was awesome. I hated what I I was doing for work, so I did some research on the company, called up Thomas Hill and he gave me the rundown,” said Roddini, who then called around Long Island and found that such a program didn’t exist. “About a year went by and I asked for more details, spoke to my wife and said ‘there’s never a good time to take a risk so I’m just going to do it.’”

Roddini flew out to Arizona in November 2017, was trained in the program and the equipment and has been a franchisee ever since, successfully running his first event in January 2018. Included in the purchase of the franchise was everything Roddini needed to run the business such as the trailer, the inflatables, extension cords, hurdles, poles, rope and cones that he can set up however he wants. Another leg up on the competition is Roddini’s group fitness certification as he was previously a coach for the Beachbody and Insanity at-home workout programs.

“There’s really nothing like it. People do obstacle courses but not as a fitness program,” said Roddini of Bounce Boot Camp. “The huge camouflage inflatables are the draw so that makes it fun with kids and the course is constantly changing. I run it for about 45 to 60 minutes and they’re exhausted at the end of the drill.”

Thomas Hill and Bobby Roddini

When the course is complete, Roddini holds a Q-and-A with the kids, asking them about the exercises they did and what muscles they used. He also has team building programs for adults, who are also wiped out after running through the obstacles. While he says any age group can do Bounce Boot Camp, Roddini’s sweet spot is first grade and up as that is the age where kids can follow instructions and get the most out of a fun fitness lesson.

“My first summer doing this, I went to every camp I possibly could in Nassau County. Out of the 40 camp days over the summer excluding July 4, I had 27 days booked,” said Roddini, who is trying to bring the program into schools through his Fitness for a Foundation initiative, which functions as a field trip for students while utilizing funds for the school or an organization of their choice.

“I like to motivate people and see kids have a good time,” said Roddini. “I love doing what I do and Bounce Boot Camp is something different and new that not everyone is doing.”

For more information about Bounce Boot Camp, call 516-902-6192 or visit

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