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Garden City Police Department has hand in solving scams

The Garden City Police Department was a driving force in getting the Village of Garden City named the safest community on Long Island and the thirteenth safest in the United States, according to a report published by Safewise.

In June 2018, Garden City detectives discovered that two victims received calls from persons claiming to be IRS agents directing them to deposit large sums of money to a local bank in Garden City to pay off back taxes or they would be arrested. Upon investigation, detectives determined these calls to be a scam and arrested two subjects as they attempted to withdraw the money from the bank. The detectives determined that these individuals were part of a large group conducting similar scams throughout the country, which also included Social Security and Drug Enforcement Administration scams. This scheme is estimated to have netted more than $2 million from victims across the United States.
IRS agents, along with investigators from the New York City Police Department, the Tax Administration and the U.S. Attorney’s Office worked with the Garden City detectives in an ongoing investigation to develop more information regarding additional suspects. As a result, in October 2018, IRS agents and Garden City detectives arrested four subjects for conducting these scams. The investigation by all agencies continued, resulting in the arrest of three additional subjects on Aug. 26.
“This case is an excellent example of collaboration and cooperation between multiple law enforcement agencies, which included federal, city and local authorities in the arrest of the participants of a major scheme to defraud numerous victims throughout the United States,” Police Commissioner Kenneth Jackson said.

Commissioner Kenneth Jackson

That same day, Officers Sean Carrera and Michael Hertling, upon investigation of a suspicious vehicle parked on Poplar Street at approximately 11 p.m., discovered two occupants, a 49-year-old male and a 41-year-old female, both from Texas, to be in possession of various packages and forms of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) as well as marijuana. In addition, officers discovered a bag containing a firearm. Both subjects were placed under arrest and charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm, criminal possession of a weapon, three counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Mayor Theresa Trouvé praised the department’s efforts in both cases.
“The work on the part of our police officers Carrera and Hertling right here in our village, and the involvement of our village detectives in the arrests made in the transnational fraud case while working together with city police and police from other jurisdictions, are nothing short of amazing. Congratulations to all involved. This was exemplary performance while on duty on the part of all,” she said.
Maintaining the department’s complement, coupled with cameras strategically placed in the downtown area, has aided the department in bolstering neighborhood patrols. Further, the village’s private ambulance service that began in January further aids the department in keeping officers on the streets.

In March, the Village of Garden City was named the safest community on Long Island and the thirteenth safest in the United States, according to a report published by Safewise.

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