Hanging Their Shields Up


Inspector Mike Doyle and Detective Rich Pedone retire from the force

From left: Garden City Police Commissioner Kenneth Jackson; Inspector Mike Doyle, Mayor Theresa Trouvé; Detective Rich Pedone
(Photo by Dave Gil de Rubio)

When Inspector Mike Doyle and Detective Rich Pedone put on their dress blues on Friday, Sept. 27, it would be the last shift they’d be completing as members of the Garden City Police Department. Retirement beckoned and with 66 years put in on the job for the village, the duo would be taking that final walk down a path lined by their fellow brothers and sisters in blue. The Garden City Fire Department had a hook and ladder truck on the scene, with a giant American flag dangling down from its apex. Law enforcement personnel from neighboring departments were in attendance, along with a healthy turnout of family, friends, school district administrators and local officials. Commissioner Ken Jackson served as the master of ceremonies for this bittersweet day and started off by introducing village Mayor Theresa Trouvé, a fervent supporter of the police department.
“I’m so proud to be here with you and have the opportunity to thank Richie and Mike for everything that they have done for the community here in Garden City,” she said. “I speak for myself, the board of trustees and our community. I want to tell you that they are outstanding policemen, are everything we would want our policemen to be—brave, courageous, kind, steady and always reliable.”

Detective Rich Pedone
(Photo by Dave Gil de Rubio)

Jackson introduced Pedone first, highlighting his role as a community liaison.
“He served 33 years with the village and he has over 40 years experience with three other jobs,” Jackson said. “He’s been our youth officer since 1995. He’s a great friend and a great youth detective. I believe with his teachings, he has helped a lot of children and maybe saved some lives.”

Despite choking up with emotion a few times, Pedone shared his thanks with Jackson, the community and his family. He said the moment he realized it was time to retire was when he went into New York City to pursue some perpetrators with Detective Kevin Madden and found he wasn’t as eager to burst in without a plan as his partner was.

Detective Rich Pedone walking down the honor line with Elizabeth, his wife of four decades
(Photo by Dave Gil de Rubio)

“I told him that we needed to have a plan and I saw my 62 years flash before my eyes. Needless to say, we came back in and Kevin took the young guy with him. That was the end of my career,” Pedone said. “I want to thank the schools and staff for allowing me to protect your students all these years. When it came to the point, where maybe I couldn’t protect myself, [I thought] how am I going to protect the students? It was time to say that maybe I step out and let the young men take over.”

After Pedone and Elizabeth, his wife of four decades-plus, walked down the honor line, Jackson introduced Doyle, emphasizing the role he played as the commissioner’s second in command.

Inspector Mike Doyle
(Photo by Dave Gil de Rubio)

“What he did for this community—I can’t put it into words. The deputy commanding officer does all the hard work. He has to put up with me, day, night, three in the morning, four in the morning. Whatever it is,” Jackson said. “I can go on about Michael Doyle. He’s an outstanding cop, an outstanding boss and a great assistant to me. I appreciate everything he’s done for me.”

Greeting the crowd with, “Who’s got it better than me?”, Doyle went on to humbly thank the village, his family, his fellow police officers and God for giving him 33 years on the Garden City Police Department.

Inspector Mike Doyle escorting his wife Dianne down the honor line
(Photo by Dave Gil de Rubio)

“It’s a tough decision I had to make. It’s hard to walk away from something you love and people you love. But I know it’s a different and new journey. It’s a time for me to spend with my family and enjoy them,” Doyle said “Richie said it—for many, many years, your family does sacrifice for you. And they do it unconditionally. I’m very grateful. In closing, I just want to thank God because without him, I would not be here. He has truly blessed me. He blessed me with a beautiful family, a beautiful police department and a beautiful town to work in. And for that, I’m grateful.”


Inspector Mike Doyle sharing a moment with one of his brothers in blue
(Photo by Dave Gil de Rubio)


Detective Rich Pedone extending thanks to his brethren in blue
(Photo by Dave Gil de Rubio)



From left: Detective Rich Pedone and Inspector Mike Doyle had a combined 66 years of service they gave to the Garden City Police Department
(Photo by Dave Gil de Rubio)
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