Clavin Announces His Transition Team As Town Supervisor-Elect

Don Clavin talking to members of this transition team. (Photos courtesy of the office of Donald X. Clavin)

All of the votes have been counted in the race for Town of Hempstead Supervisor and Donald X. Clavin is officially the winner, beating incumbent Laura Gillen, who was the first Democratic supervisor in the Town of Hempstead in more than a century.

Now that Clavin is Town of Hempstead Supervisor-elect, it’s time to get down to work.

Last week, Clavin, who was surrounded by a diverse group of community leaders, elected officials, business representatives, developers, clergy members, union leaders and policymakers, announced that he is assembling his transition team to assist in setting his administration’s agenda, priorities and policies.
Clavin named Hempstead Village Attorney Cherice Vanderhall and Congressman Peter King (R—Seaford)as co-chairs of the transition team. Clavin noted that the overriding consideration in the selection of members of the team was a mutual commitment to serving the town’s residents.

“I am eager to work with this group of dedicated individuals who are committed to delivering on the promise of the Town of Hempstead’s government,” Clavin said. “Bringing together individuals from an array of backgrounds, different geographic areas and a host of divergent industries and fields of expertise will help to facilitate a smooth transition in the town and a comprehensive agenda for my administration.”

Among the points of focus among Clavin’s transition team is the revamping the town’s building department’s operations, increasing road repaving projects, fostering an environment conducive to sustainable growth and reasonable development, updating the township’s building code, pursuing an aggressive downtown revitalization agenda, enhancing the municipality’s parks, embracing intergovernmental cooperation, ensuring the purity of groundwater and drinking water in the face of emerging contaminants, as well as enhancing online transactions and improving accessibility to the town’s offerings on the internet.
At the press conference, Clavin also indicated his commitment to sustainable development at the HUB surrounding the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, along with the priority of increasing intergovernmental cooperation in an effort to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs, which are borne by taxpayers. Clavin also noted that he and his team are committed to increasing opportunities for women and minorities in government.

“I’ve worked collaboratively with Don Clavin and he shares my dedication to public service,” King said. “Don cares, listens and gets the job done. We joined forces to provide tax relief to the town’s residents who were confronted with limits on federal income tax deductions. I am eager to explore new ways in which various levels of government can continue to provide meaningful relief for taxpayers.”

Some of the notable individuals who will serve on Clavin’s transition team are former Senator Elaine Phillips, Nassau County Legislature Presiding Officer Rich Nicolello, Hempstead Town Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Town Councilmen Bruce Blakeman, Anthony D’Esposito, Dennis Dunne and Tom Muscarella, Town Councilman-elect Chris Carini, Town Clerk-elect Kate Murray and Receiver of Taxes-elect Jeanine Driscoll. The committee, which is still under formation, anticipates adding other individuals with appropriate interest and expertise.

“I was delighted to get to know Don Clavin during the course of the recent local political campaign,” Vanderhall said. “As an official in the Village of Hempstead, I am intently focused on the partnership between the village and the Town of Hempstead. Issues such as shared services are worthy of serious attention in an effort to maximize government synergies, reduce governmental costs and pass savings on to neighbors.”

“I want to thank the members of my transition team for their guidance, community spirit and willingness to serve our residents,” Clavin said. “I know that these individuals will help me to shape policies and priorities that will reflect the best interests of the neighbors who call Hempstead town home.”

—Additional information provided by the office of Donald X. Clavin

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