Pest Problem In Garden City


Garden City’s Seventh Street has been a recent attractor of bees, causing the peace and harmony of outdoor seating and dining to be disrupted. With the reopening of outdoor dining on Seventh Street, it has proven to be, by some, an unfortunate but ‘natural’ circumstance. A Seventh Street proprietor, who chose to remain anonymous, said that customers attracting bees is just part of the season.

“Well unfortunately, August is the month where it happens. Every year in my house [and] at the beach. It happens,” the business owner said. “I think it’s impacting anyone who likes the outdoors. People are not happy and running inside and there are not many tables. It’s nature. Not much that anybody can do.”

The village has instituted a game plan to “tackle” the bees around the business areas where customers gather.

The Garden City Village Board said in a statement, “The increased al fresco dining activities and open air receptacles on Seventh Street are attracting the bees. Village Administrator Ralph Suozzi has requested that village sanitation personnel check the open air pails more frequently throughout the day. The village has also requested that the chamber of commerce ask store owners with open pails to do the same.”

Many of Seventh Street’s businesses declined to comment on the issue when Anton Media Group reached out for comment.

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