Garden City Police Department And AAA Northeast Urge Safety For ‘School’s Open – Drive Carefully’ Campaign


There is no doubt that the school opening this year looks different from every other year. While we are looking to give our children a sense of normalcy in returning to school, there will be some changes to the daily routine. There are many twists and turns that complicate the roadmap for the reopening of schools but figuring out how to get students to school safely may be the most complex.

AAA’s annual “School’s Open—Drive Carefully” campaign alerts motorists to the special risks to school-age children from motor vehicle crashes – the leading cause of death for children from five to 14-years-old. More parents are walking and driving their children to school, due to the uncertainty of school bus services and new COVID-19 protocol. Motorists should continue to be extremely cautious of children darting out between parked cars.

The Garden City Police Department also emphasizes the need to show extra caution when driving, as schools are now open, particularly between typical arrival and dismissal times. AAA works closely with the Garden City Police Department and the Garden City School District on the development of plans and ideas to help improve the safety of students. One such way is the placement of a large Back-to-School banner on the Stewart School fence.

-Submitted by The Garden City Police Department 

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