Board Of Trustees Meeting Rules Of Conduct


The board of trustees recognizes the value of public comment on issues coming before the board as agenda items for action and the importance of allowing citizens to express themselves on matters of community interest. In order to permit the fair and orderly expression of such comment, the board provides a period for public participation at every regular business meeting or special meeting of the board. Citizens’ questions or comments on formal agenda items shall be permitted before the board takes official action on agenda items, as follows:

  • Those who wish to make a comment or ask a question are requested to come forward and use the podium so everyone present can hear the comment or question. Comments should be directed to the board of trustees.
  • Commentators are requested to state their name and address when they approach the podium.
  • Comments are limited to four minutes per person. There is no sharing of time. If you have two minutes of time you are not allowed to give someone else those unused two minutes.
  • Board members may choose to respond to a question, but those situations will be rare. Generally, we receive commentary and do not engage in back and forth conversation.
  • We may ask the commentators a question—the goal of any such question is to understand the comments being made. It may be necessary for members of the board to ask a question in order to fully understand the comments being made. We may interject to correct a statement presented as fact when it is not. We do so not to embarrass anyone.
  • Discussion on any matter shall be made in a civil manner. Insults towards anyone will not be tolerated. Inappropriate and disrespectful comments aimed at others will not be tolerated. Speaking over others will not be tolerated.
  • Let everyone who wishes to speak have their say in a polite and respectful manner and allow those present to hear other commentators. We reserve the right to remove disrespectful or rude persons.
  • After agenda items are completed, residents are encouraged to participate in the open comment portion of the meetings during, which time the board will entertain comments of any general village matters not previously presented on the agenda for action by the board.

—Submitted by the Village of Garden City

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