Live Evening Courtroom Appearances Suspended


Since Monday, Dec. 14, live evening courtroom appearances have been suspended within the Village of Garden City. Dec. 14 was scheduled to be the village’s last court for the year.  It is unknown how long this current restriction will be in place. The court will continue to conduct virtual and telephonic conferences and continue to dispose as many cases as possible. The court will remain open during normal business hours to accept payments as well as file paperwork related to cases. Capacity restrictions and PPE requirements will be in place. If residents have received a moving violation and would like to adjudicate their ticket remotely, they may either contact the court or simply fill out “section b” on the right side of their ticket, plea of not guilty, and return it to the court by mail. Residents should include a phone number and write “request remote conference.” For more information, contact Village Justice Clerk Gregory Cutrone at 516-465-4080 or

LIRR Utility Poles Litigation Continues

After a deadlock, Mayor Theresa Trouvé voted again to break the tie vote that passed a resolution to engage the law firm of Berkman Henoch Peterson Peddy & Fenchel, P.C. to pursue litigation against such parties as are recommended by counsel, for the purpose of removing certain utility poles placed alongside the LIRR right-of-way within Garden City, all in accordance with a proposed retainer agreement now on file with the village clerk, for the rates recited within the proposed retainer agreement, but not to exceed $100,000 without further resolution of this board. Funding has been appropriated from surplus.

Joseph E. Macy, a partner with the firm, prepared a written legal opinion and proposal that reviewed the major relevant facts; outlined possible causes of action against the MTA/LIRR (and/or other appropriate defendants); assessed the likelihood of success of such causes of action; and estimated the timeline and costs for litigating such causes of action all in relation to the goal of the village to have the utility poles recently installed on the north and south sides of the LIRR tracks (between the New Hyde Park station and Garden City High School) removed, re-located and/or reduced in height. The legal opinion was prepared at a cost that did not exceed $10,000.

—Submitted by the Village of Garden City

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