High School Helps Create Masks During Pandemic


Garden City High School students and staff members from several classes and programs have come together to collaborate on making and selling face masks. Manufacturing, art and ACE students combined their many skills and talents to create approximately 250 fabric masks complete with decorative designs.

Teacher Michael Stano developed the idea as a hands-on learning project for his manufacturing class that serves the double purpose of helping to keep people safe during the pandemic. He walked students through the various steps of the mask-making process and taught them to sew, break down expenses and complete other tasks. They cut templates with a laser cutter, developed cost analysis charts and stitched the fabric using sewing machines borrowed from teacher Erin McKinistry’s fashion marketing class.

Stano also enlisted the assistance of Media Arts 2 students, who worked under the direction of teacher Denise Holz to design iron-on vinyl decals that were later cut with a Cricut machine and affixed to the masks. They submitted their sketches and used Adobe Illustrator to create vector images, which were uploaded to Cricut Design Space.

The ACE students and teacher Mary Ferrara stepped in from there and took on the sales and distribution responsibilities. They collected order forms, counted money, filled orders and delivered the masks around the school to staff. Transferrable job skills such as these align with the ACE program’s vocational components.

All proceeds from this initiative will go to an Adopt a Family fundraiser that high school staff members have coordinated to help those in need during the holiday season.

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