Garden City Chamber Of Commerce Talks 2020


COVID-19 has definitely been devastating to local businesses, which also put local chamber of commerces’ in a tight bind. However in the Village of Garden City, new businesses have been popping up this past year including Compass Realty, ReLash, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, as well as Pizzeria G, which is set to open on Seventh Street this spring.

So how did the Garden City Chamber of Commerce have to adapt with the challenges that COVID-19 caused?

“Like everyone in the business community, the chamber suffered from lack of income,” Executive Director of the Garden City Chamber of Commerce Dennis Donnelly said. “Our programs were canceled and our efforts shifted to helping our members with PPE and outdoor dining.”

Outdoor dining this past year on Seventh Street, which was closed at night from Thursdays to Sundays during the summer and fall, proved to be a major success for local businesses who were struggling to make ends meet. If things are still the same this summer, the chamber wants to continue the street closure.

“Closing Seventh Street was an overwhelming success,” Donnelly said. “If restrictions on indoor dining at 50 percent are still in effect we will ask the village to reinstitute the program. We are very thankful that the trustees are so supportive of the business community.”

When asked what the chamber has in plan for this year overall, Donnelly said he’s not too sure.

“Plans for 2021 are in place, but until such time as the pandemic threat has been eliminated we will continue to support our members,” he said.

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