Proposed 2021-22 Village Budget


The village kicked off budget work sessions Tuesday, March 9 with an overview of the 2021-22 Tentative Operating and Capital Budget by Village Treasurer Irene Woo.

Building Superintendent Giuseppe Giovanniello and Assistant Recreation Superintendent Sandy Young presented their respective department’s operating and proposed five-year (2022-2026) capital plan summaries. Village Administrator Ralph Suozzi noted the 2021-22 budget covers an 18-month window of time, in the shadows of the pandemic. Woo thanked Suozzi, along with her finance team, the department heads, finance chairman and Deputy Mayor Robert Bolebruch, as well as members of the Finance and Audit Committee for their guidance during the process.

The 2021-22 proposed expenditure budget totals $65.1 million. It represents a 0.57 percent ($370,000) decrease over the prior year. The tentative budget is again tax cap compliant, with a proposed 1.95 percent tax levy limit increase. In fact, over the last six years, the actual property tax levy increase has been less than the amount allowed per the tax levy limit law.

“We would never be here today if it wasn’t for you,” Bolebruch said, as he complimented Woo and her team.

Major components of the 2021-22 expense budget ($65.1m) include salary, benefits and taxes ($37.2m); consulting and contractual services ($5.8m); contribution to capital projects ($4.5m); debt service ($4.3m); contribution to the Library ($3.3m); and general liability insurance ($1.9m). Proposed capital projects represent $12.551 million.

According to Suozzi, the village is currently juggling 41 projects in various stages of completion, including the St. Paul’s abatement project and the vinyl covering for the tennis bubble, which have both been approved but are awaiting $2.6 million in bond resolutions.

—Submitted by the Village of Garden City

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