Garden City High School Senior Spotlight: Sela Scarangella


Garden City High School senior Sela Scarangella is described as having the ability to make others feel welcome and included, with infectious energy and enthusiasm and characteristics that consistently encourage people to donate to causes or participate in events.

Scarangella has been an invaluable member of the Key Club throughout her high school career and currently serves as treasurer. She has participated in all three seasons of Peer Educators throughout the year and invested her time and energy into making the program better. She has spoken about sensitive topics such as mental health, drug and alcohol awareness and HIV/AIDS in a relatable, approachable manner.

Additionally, Scarangella is a member of the Italian Club and Fashion Club, plays Varsity Golf and is a Principal’s List honoree. Faculty members shared that she is a committed, dedicated, and passionate student of excellence and commend her self-advocacy, creativity, hard work, dedication and leadership.

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—Submitted by Garden City High School

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