Summer In The Streets To Continue


After receiving feedback via letters and public comment, the Village of Garden City’s Board of Trustees took no action on a recent agenda item that considered reopening Seventh Street on Saturday evenings. At present, the village and chamber of commerce will continue the “Summer in the Streets” program Friday and Saturday evenings until Sept. 11. Seventh Street will be closed to vehicles and open for pedestrians for on street, outdoor dining and shopping.

Help Wanted At Neighborhood Parks

The Garden City Recreation Department is looking for help in staffing the local playgrounds. If you are 16 years of age or older and would like to work in one of the village playgrounds for the fall (afternoons and Saturdays, about 19 hours per week with flexible shifts) call 516 465-4075 for more information.

Franklin Avenue Grade Crossing Work

The MTA repaved the Franklin Avenue crossing on Aug. 13. The crossing was closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The MTA coordinated and communicated with the Garden City Fire and Police departments, which notified the ambulance crews in advance. The MTA PD was also on both sides of the crossing to support the closure.

Village Gives Water Update

Water Tower: The contractor continued with interior water cavity finish coating touch-ups and high voltage holiday testing, which is a “non-destructive test method applied on protective coatings to detect unacceptable discontinuities such as pinholes and voids.” The contractor is also completing interior dry coatings and exterior finish coatings at the base of the tank next week.

Discolored Water: H2M continues its investigation into discolored “rusty” water. H2M and the village have also received “blue” water complaints from two buildings. H2M has made suggestions to the village to mitigate such issues. Water meets all regulatory standards.

Well 7 (Waterworks site): Well No. 7 is in operation. The contractor is working on ordering parts for punch list items. Permanent construction will be incorporated with permanent construction of Well Nos. 8 and 12.

Wells 8 and 12 (Rockaway Avenue site): Crews installed the emergency eyewash and successfully flowed water from Well 12 to the Waterworks AOP enclosure. Pressure testing will take place next week; performance testing for Well 12 is expected within the next two weeks.

Well No 9 (Wilson Street site): The Engineering Report was submitted the week of May 3. H2M will provide the village with a proposal for design of an AOP treatment system.

Wells 10 and 11 (Clinton Road site): Once electrical work in the treatment building and for the new switchgear is complete, Well No. 10 can operate to system.

Wells 13 and 14 (Garden City Country Club site): Received approval from the New York State Department of Health to operate wells with treatment to system. Wells 13 and 14 are able to run to system through treatment. Well 13 is currently running to system without treatment. The village will introduce Well 14 through the treatment system. Once Well 14 is stable, Well 13 will be sent through treatment to system.

Wells 15 and 16 (Hilton Park site): Crews completed brick work and installed the FRP grating on the GAC trench drain and swept and cleaned the interior first floor. Crews will also install interior piping and continue roof and site work.

—Submitted by the Village of Garden City

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