Village To Put Speed Indicator Signs


Following residents’ concern about an upsurge in collisions at the intersection of Stratford Avenue and New Hyde Park Road since the New Hyde Park LIRR underpass was complete, the Traffic Commission approved the placement of speed indicator signs northbound and southbound on New Hyde Park Road. The northbound sign is solar and operational. The southbound is installed, but needs to be connected to electric due to tree obstruction. DPW is working with the electrical contractor to have the sign connected as soon as possible. Further, Village Administrator Ralph Suozzi requested Nassau County Public Works provide a traffic light sequence report for the intersection and extend the timing of the light at the intersection by at least 10 seconds. The request was approved; this will increase the timing up to 30 seconds depending on the number of vehicles waiting for the light on Stratford Avenue. Police Commissioner Kenneth Jackson noted that Detective Roumeliotis was very instrumental in getting the sequence changed for New Hyde Park Road and Stratford Avenue.

Third Track Work Continues This Month

During the month of October, you will see crews performing the following construction activities in Garden City:

3rd Track Installation

  • Ballast is being installed along the south side of the right of way, from New Hyde Park Road to Tanners Pond Road from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. to support the future installation of the third track. Once the ballast has been installed, crews will prepare to build third track.
  • Residents will notice crews working on the third track during the day, over the weekend of Oct. 23-24 from New Hyde Park Road to Tanners Pond Road.

Merillon Avenue Station Enhancement

  • As of Sept. 27, the 12-car westbound permanent platform at Merillon Avenue Station is open

– Ingress and egress to the station will remain in its current condition

– For additional station information, visit

  • Hydraulics for the new elevators are being installed and tested throughout October
  • Guardrails, railings for stairs and ramps, canopies, canopy roofing and insulated wall panels are being installed on the north and south sides of the tracks
  • EJ Electric is continuing to install signage bands, conduit, and light fixtures along the platforms on the north and south sides of the tracks

Double Track Outages

  • Double track outages have been scheduled for the Main Line for Oct. 23-24 and Oct. 30-31

– To reduce the overall project schedule, the project team will use these double-track outages to complete other activities in proximity to the tracks

– During these weekends, residents will likely notice increased activity along the right-of-way

– To ensure restoration of rail service by Monday mornings, crews will be working through the overnight hours

—Submitted by the Village of Garden City

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