Pizza And Pretzels With A Purpose


Students at Stewart School in Garden City are giving back to a number of charities and organizations through the Pizza with a Purpose and Pretzel with a Purpose programs.

The programs started at Stewart a number of years ago as a way to introduce service-learning to students.

Students at all grade levels have the opportunity to choose an organization that they are passionate about, then write a letter to the Stewart main office explaining why their chosen organization is important to fundraise for.

“I chose to do it because I like helping people in need,” student James Cassaro said.

For example, students have chosen charities including The Foundation Fighting Blindness, I’m Not Done Yet, The Marfan Foundation, Team Seas and a variety of local animal shelters.
“I picked an organization called BBBS, which stands for Big Brothers Big Sisters, because they don’t just have one age group, they support the whole family, anyone who needs help,” student Pierce Hayes said.

Each week there’s a rotation between Pretzel with a Purpose and Pizza with a Purpose.
Local pizzerias and the Philly Pretzel Factory sell their products to the school for a low price.

In turn, Stewart sells either pizza or pretzels to students and staff who have filled out an order form at a slightly higher price.

The funds that are made from the in-school sales are then donated to the selected the non-profits and organizations.

Many organizations have received between $500 and $1,000 from Stewart School as a result of this fundraiser.

In addition, the students who write letters selecting organizations get to share what the non-profits are all about on the morning announcements.

—Submitted by Garden City Schools

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