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Landscaper Licensing
The Village Board of Trustees enacted a new law to regulate and control commercial landscaping functions which include but are not limited to the weeding, cultivation, seeding, planting, cutting, trimming, pruning and maintenance of grass, shrubs, plants, trees or other foliage within the village. As of March 16, commercial landscapers must register with the village. The village encourages residents who are using commercial landscapers for activities such as lawn maintenance, tree trimming or gardening to inform them that hard copy permit applications are available at Village Hall located at 351 Stewart Ave.

Downloadable applications are also available on the village website,, by clicking the “Landscaper Licensing” tab. Applications may be mailed or dropped off at Village Hall from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The village will not accept incomplete applications. Once the permit is issued, a decal for each permitted landscaping vehicle will be distributed. The fee is $100 for the first vehicle and trailer and $25 for each additional vehicle registered with the village. All permits will expire on Dec. 31 of the year that they were issued. Contact Village Clerk Karen Altman at 516-465-4051 or email at for further information.

Traffic Enforcement Program
The Garden City Police Department Traffic Enforcement program continues to yield positive results. During the month of February, 894 tickets were issued for various traffic offenses, including 221 for speed-related offenses, according to Commissioner Kenneth Jackson.

Village Sanitation Regulations
Residents are asked to acknowledge the village’s sanitation regulations regarding the placing of recyclables before 7 p.m. prior to the day of pick-up. The recycling bins should be put to the curb the day of recycling collection when weather forecasts predict high winds. Cooperation by residents will be greatly appreciated. It is the mayor’s goal, with the assistance of trustees, to address the quality of life issues our residents desire.

Water Tank
The village’s water tank has been offline for nearly three years. Most recently, welding issues have delayed progress. Exterior painting is now complete; interior painting is expected to be completed by the end of March. In early April, it will take approximately 3 to 5 days to fill the tank, which Village Administrator Ralph Suozzi expects to be fully online for the high water season. Once filled, the water in the tank must undergo testing prior to being put into service. Originally constructed in 1933, the 89-year-old tank was last rehabilitated in 1992. Emergency repairs were made to the tank’s roof due to leaks and holes in 2015.

Lead In Water Update
In its ongoing investigation of lead in the village’s water, H2M, the village’s water consultant, is preparing a village-wide map of service line inventory based on the village’s own internal engineering records. This inventory includes galvanized steel, copper, plastic and lead lines. Based on age of construction and other factors, H2M will presume there is a lead service line unless that is superseded by an affirmative document showing a different material. The inventory for the section of service between the water main and customer’s curb valve has been substantially completed, Focus is now on the service material from the curb valves to the residence. If any resident has information regarding the material of this section, forward this information to the village.

Garden City Fire Department Activity
Chief Devyn Moody has reported that during February, the department responded to 83 total calls:
• Sixty-seven “Signal 8” calls or non-emergency automatic alarms.
• Three general alarms.
• Two extrication calls where volunteers used extrication tools at motor vehicle accidents.
• Eleven mutual aid calls to assist neighboring fire departments.

PSEG Long Island:
PSEG Long Island is scheduling to perform storm hardening work through an initiative called Power On. This program will help strengthen 50 miles of distribution lines per year over the next several years, targeting the most vulnerable circuits across Long Island and the Rockaways. Upcoming work on a circuit includes areas in Garden City.
The project includes:
• Upgrading and replacing existing electric wire with more resilient and durable wire.
• Installing new and more durable poles. The poles will be similar in height and have a stronger base. In addition, PSEG Long Island will actively coordinate the removal of old poles with other utilities.
• Installing shorter cross arms atop some poles to help deflect falling limbs instead of catching them.
The work on this circuit is scheduled to begin on or about the week of March 21. Crews will be working on about .85 miles of the mainline on the following streets in the Village of Garden City:
• Stratford Avenue, between New Hyde Park Road and Hayes Street.
• New Hyde Park Road, between Stratford Avenue and Manor Road.
• Stewart Avenue, between Fernwood Terrace N and New Hyde Park Road.
• Rear property of homes 98-126, 99-121 and 213 on Meadbrook Road between Stratford and Stewart Avenues.
• Rear Property of homes 74, 78, 82, and 84 on Roxbury Road between Stewart and North Avenues.
There are no anticipated outages related to this project. In the event that a brief outage is required, affected customers will be notified in advance. Customers are being sent a letter explaining the work that will be done. For project information, visit
hardeningprojects. For further questions, call PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

—Submitted by the Office of Garden City Mayor Cosmo Veneziale

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