LIRR Expansion Project Update: Double Track Outage Update – April


Significant progress on the LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville is being made every day. The LIRR and 3TC are modernizing existing infrastructure to support increased train capacity, reduce service interruptions and allow smooth train movement between the present two tracks and the new third track. To do so, it’s critical to remove, replace and add signal systems along the Main Line.

Crews will be working along the right-of-way on the weekends (including overnight) throughout April. As the new Nassau 3/Divide 1 interlocking system is commissioned, installed, and becomes operational, work will be disruptive to those residents in the immediate vicinity, from Urban Avenue to Charlotte Avenue in New Cassel, Floral Park Station to Denton Avenue in Garden City, and from Hempstead Avenue in Queens Village to South 11th Street in New Hyde Park, Mineola Station, or the Cross Island Parkway, depending on the weekend.

Separate from LIRR Expansion project work, the LIRR Track Program is advancing. During the next few weeks, the LIRR will use a Track Laying Machine (TLM), a special train used to replace concrete ties in large quantities across long stretches of track) to replace wooden ties (which rot and deteriorate over time) with new, resilient concrete ties that have the potential to require little or no maintenance for decades. Though replacing concrete ties may increase noise and/or vibration for weeks to follow, modernizing the LIRR’s infrastructure will ultimately minimize the need for invasive trackwork for years to follow. The LIRR Belmont Station Project will also be working over the course of the weekends progressing work on the North side station and overpass structure.

For the New Nassau 3/Divide 1 system to function, the Divide 1 switches will be removed and track realigned from April 2 to 3. Subsequently, from April 9 to 10, and April 23 to 24, the Divide 1 switches will be installed. While this work is being performed, train service along the Main Line will be suspended in both directions to perform state of good repair work along the branch.

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—Submitted by the LIRR Expansion Project

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