Garden City Mayor Updates Residents On Water


There has been a lot of discussion throughout the Village of Garden City on the topic of lead in the drinking water.

The village was informed that a homeowner was diagnosed with an elevated lead blood level and promptly notified their engineering consultant and the Nassau County Department of Health. The village immediately had the wells and points of entry to the system sampled for lead.

The sampling demonstrated that the water entering the distribution system was non-detect for lead. The NCDH was also notified by the resident, and they performed an investigation of the residence for lead exposure, part of which was sampling the water for lead. The result of the water sample was above the New York State Action Level of 15 µg/l. The home has a privately owned lead service line connection to the public water main.

Lead can enter drinking water when plumbing materials that contain lead corrode. The most common sources of lead in drinking water are lead pipes, faucets, and fixtures. In homes with lead pipes that connect the home to the water main, also known as lead services lines, these pipes are typically the most significant source of lead in the water. Lead pipes are more likely to be found in older developments.

Water Update
Water Tower: The painting contractor is expected to remobilize later this week to begin rigging operations for painting touch-ups.

Corrosion Control Study: The initial draft is going through quality control. Revisions will be made before the finalized draft is ready.

Lead Service Line Inventory: The lead service line investigation and analysis of village plumbing permits and house ages is complete. Officials are coordinating sample results with the age of homes, documenting all the data. The initial review of the village’s plans is virtually complete. The draft map shows house and street side services will be presented to the village.

Well 7 (Waterworks site): Officials are preparing for permanent bid. Revised final interim payment requests and maintenance bond will be provided to the village once received from contractor. AC Schultes to pull pumps this week.

Wells 8 and 12 (Rockaway Avenue site): Final bid documents are being created, incorporating Well No. 7 into 8 and 12 as one package.

Well No 9 (Wilson Street site): Design of the facility continues.

Wells 10 and 11 (Clinton Road site): Installed Well No. 11 pump and motor. PSEG Long Island, H2M, PRI and the village had a meeting to discuss the issue with turning off power to the transformer. PSEG has the new transformer in stock and is going to switch out the transformers when the shut down is scheduled. The junction on the site feeds several homes, the school, and a bank. If power was turned off to the site, all those customers would lose power as well. PSEG performed another onsite visit and it was suggested to perform the work at night. PSEG will let the village know when the shut down has been scheduled. The generator manufacturer was also onsite to inspect the generator.

Wells 13 and 14 (Garden City Country Club site): H2M and the village met with representatives of the golf club late last week. Representatives have given verbal approvals for construction to commence. Planting plan to be reassessed by the golf club and will provide input on what they want for final product.

Wells 15 and 16 (Hilton Park site): Electrical work and interior work continuing. Floor coating systems are also being prepped. Crews are preparing the systems for performance testing by the end of February.

Email water complaints:
Back in October 2021, an email address was established so residents can submit any discolored water issues. Please email complaint to and include contact information and an explanation of the complaint. Residents are also encouraged to send photos if they have the ability to do so. If a resident does not have or does not wish to use email, call the water department at 516-465-4020 and leave a message with a name, address and contact phone number. All emails and information will be forwarded immediately to the Village Water Consultants at H2M who are collecting the information, obtaining water samples as needed and following up to help identify potential causes and solutions.

-Submitted by the Office of Mayor Cosmo Veneziale

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