An Update From The Mayor Of Garden City


Incidents Of Graffiti
There has been an increase in graffiti incidents in the business district and railroad work sites. In addition to increased patrols, the Police Department requests that anyone who is witnessing this crime in progress to dial 911. Persons who have information regarding a past graffiti incident are requested to call the Garden City Detective Division at 516-465-4108.

Mayoral Appointments
The Village of Garden City Mayor Veneziale made the following required appointments (either by Village Code, State Law or other consideration) for the ensuing official year: Deputy Mayor: Trustee Thomas J. O’Brien
Fire Commissioner: Trustee Bruce A. Torino
Environmental Advisory Board (Chair): Trustee Mary Carter Flanagan
Library Board Liaison: Trustee Lawrence N. Marciano, Jr.
Zoning Change Review Committee: Trustees Charles P. Kelly and Bruce A. Torino; H. Bradford Gustavson, as a representative of the Planning Commission; John G. Villanella as a representative of the Board of Appeals; and William Alisse, as a representative of the Architectural Design Review Board
Village Historian: William Bellmer
Liaison Officer to Public Works: Trustee Bruce J. Chester
Liaison Officer to Board of Commissioners and Cultural and Recreational Affairs: Deputy Mayor Thomas J. O’Brien
Board of Police Commissioners: Deputy Mayor Thomas J. O’Brien, Village Administrator Ralph Suozzi and Police Commissioner Kenneth O. Jackson (Chair)
Traffic Commission: Trustees Charles P. Kelly (Chair), Lawrence N. Marciano, Jr., Terence P. Digan and Mary Carter Flanagan, Police Commissioner Kenneth O. Jackson and a DPW Designee TBD.
Finance and Audit Committee: Trustees Terence P. Digan (Chair), Bruce J. Chester and Lawrence N. Marciano, Jr.
Committee to Fill Vacancies on Boards and Commissions: Mayor Cosmo Veneziale (Chair) and Deputy Mayor Thomas J. O’Brien
Legal Committee: Trustees Charles P. Kelly and Bruce A. Torino
Public Information Committee: Deputy Mayor Thomas J. O’Brien (Chair), Trustee Charles P. Kelly and Mayor Cosmo Veneziale
LIRR Third Track Committee: Bruce J. Chester (Chair), Richard Corrao, Esq., Paul Rothenbiller, James Kumpel, Richard Catalano, Stephen Fereance and Alaine Smith Lawlor
Board of Ethics: Richard Corrao, Esq. (Chair), Ryan Torino and Alison Metzler

Spring Hydrant Flushing
Each spring the Garden City Water Department opens and flows (flushes) hydrants. This maintenance began April 18 and will run through May 10. Flyers that specify when flushing will take place in each neighborhood are being hand delivered to residents by Water Department personnel. This biannual maintenance program is essential to the operation. The village receives many questions about this program and why it needs to be done. This is an important benefit to residents, and the village would like to share with residents what it entails. Flushing water mains is a way to clean out a build-up of dissolved minerals inside the mains. This build-up is caused by reduced water demands during the winter months. These deposits settle to the bottom of the mains and must be cleaned out so that they don’t cause discolored water in the future.
The flushing is done between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. in order to keep the disturbance to water service to a minimum during normal water usage time. While flushing is occurring in your area, you may have some slight fluctuations in water pressure and temporary water discoloration. Here are some recommendations you can follow during flushing dates in your neighborhood:

• Draw water for cooking ahead of time
• Store bottles of water for drinking
• Be sure to check the water quality before using your washing machine or dishwasher

Mark your calendars now to be prepared when we begin flushing the water mains in your neighborhood. Any questions, contact the Water Department at 516-465-4020.

Water Infrastructure Grant Awards
New York State’s Environmental Facilities Corporation has awarded $638 million in grants to municipalities and public authorities for 199 water infrastructure projects across the state that protect public health or improve water quality. The Village of Garden City has been awarded nearly $17 million in Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA) grants to help offset the costs of installing AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) and GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) filter systems at various well sites. It was announced by Gov. Kathy Hochul on April 19.
•Well No. 7: $3.1 million
•Well No. 9: $3 million
•Well Nos. 13 and 14: $5.1 million
•Well Nos. 15 and 16: $5.46 million
Garden City was previously awarded two other WIIA grants of approximately $9 million for the Clinton Road (Well Nos. 10 and 11) and Rockaway Avenue (Well Nos. 8 and 12) sites. The Clinton Road site grant totals $5,336,304 while the Rockaway Avenue grant totals $3,653,794.

—Submitted by The Village of Garden City Mayor Veneziale

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